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Truelite Genesis
Truelite is a fast growing technology company focused on Green Energy Concepts and LED Lighting. We are a Brand, a System Integrator and an Interface delivering the cutting edge solutions in the Lighting and Solar Energy Industry. Truelite as a renowned brand for LED lighting is incorporated in Las Vegas, USA, the City of Lights.

Truelite product line is designed and developed by a team of highly talented professionals from lighting industry, solar power generation and our in house R&D engineers, made in the state of the art manufacturing facilities with best quality components carefully chosen across the world. Truelite products are certified by all leading agencies for statutory requirements for every market we sell.

Truelite has Global presence through our successful Energy Partner program bringing our products and services much closer to you. Truelite has specific product line for every market with custom specifications adapted to the requirements of the particular country or region with right certifications.

Our journey starts in the year 2005, with Truetek, a company with its strength deep rooted in the global market renowned for advertising signs, media production delivering quality and value for our clients for several years.

Vision and Mission
As a part of our Vision 2020, we could establish our strong presence in the Middle East with own office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates the business hub of the region and also in India an emerging market for LED and Solar power. Truelite has presence in Africa and Asian Countries with our Energy Partners, which is a fast growing network of Entrepreneurs and organizations that are part of our green initiative goal.

Our vision is to Excel and to be one of the Leading lighting and Solar Companies globally by 2015. As one of the emerging and leading regional Solar & Lighting companies, Truelite Energy Innovations (USA) strongly believes in providing, maintaining and exceeding quality product expectations, committed to providing you with the solutions, services and support to help you succeed in your sector.

Why TRUELITE be preferred to other Brands:
Truelite has a clear vision of energy sustainability to support the environment with green solutions to make our earth a better place to live in.

  • World-class products manufactured to high international standards
  • International warranties
  • Reliable solutions with international certifications
  • Faster turn around time and prompt delivery
  • Local base in the country through Energy Partners
  • Training and support for sales and support team
  • Installation and after sales support
  • In house engineering and maintenance support team
  • Expertise in Solar Off Grid and Grid Tie Systems
  • Synergy of global players for system integrations for solar applications
  • One stop solution provider for energy efficiency products
  • Commitment to the Environment and Society with free energy audit program
  • With TRUELITE products and services, we help you become the part of Global Green Initiative.



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