Truelite offers its clients the best and professional lighting solutions for the LED Commercial applications.


We being in this the same industry value the aesthetic appeal as well as the physical looks of the facility, thus keeping in mind all the parameters for a slick, trendy yet ambient outlook, we offer the best LED Commercial lighting solutions for the office and commercial facilities.

The LED lights offered by Truelite for the commercial applications are a world class solution for the day to day work lighting requirement for commercial application. We understand that the light environment helps the employee in better performance of tasks as well them keep them motivated at job. In view of all these details we offer the most effective, efficient, power savvy, energy efficient LED Commercial Lights.

LED Commercial Solutions includes;

  1. LED Spot Lights
  2. LED Par Lights
  3. LED Panel Lights
  4. LED Tubes
  5. LED Triproof Fixtures
  6. LED Down Lights
  7. LED Inground Lights
  8. LED Strip

These lights do multiple usages and are included in the category of indoor and commercial applications.

The LED Residential Lights consume 60-75% less power than the conventional lights such as Incandescent and 40-60% less power than the CFL lamps. Even after using such less power consumption these lights are fully capable of providing same illumination as compared to the lights for which they are the most popular replacements.


Advantages of LED Lighting Basics & Facts Energy Saving Effects


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