Lighting is a major part of Hospitality industry. The most of the popularity in this sector is built on its ambiance, aesthetics and elegant lighting applications. Truelite has been a one stop solution for all the Hospitality sector related lighting applications.


Hospitality is about giving the experience of a home away from home to a guest. The better the experience more are the chances of repeated visits and loyalty. Hospitality sector has to extend this experience not only to the rooms and accommodations but to all the activities that a guest involves into, let it be working out, chilling, entertaining or even just walking down the side ways and walk ways of the place. Thus, Truelite has developed its LED hospitality range of products to give your guest an experience that shall be with him unforgotten through the power and effect of the light.

For Hospitality lighting requirements we can offer:

  1. LED Spot Lights
  2. LED Par Lights
  3. LED Panel Lights
  4. LED Candle Lights
  5. LED Tubes
  6. LED Triproof Fixtures
  7. LED Down Lights
  8. LED Wall Washers
  9. LED Flood Lights

These lights do multiple usages and are included in the category of indoor and commercial applications.

The LED Residential Lights consume 60-75% less power than the conventional lights such as Incandescent and 40-60% less power than the CFL lamps. Even after using such less power consumption these lights are fully capable of providing same illumination as compared to the lights for which they are the most popular replacements.


Advantages of LED Lighting Basics & Facts Energy Saving Effects


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