Truelite with its wide range of offer also has solutions for Industrial applications. Since the lighting requirements in industrial facilities are huge, this results in huge electricity bills too.


Lighting can do much more than just lighting or illuminating the pathways, it can increase the efficiency of the systems, it can enhance functions, can increase security, can reduce the chances of occurrence of error, not only this but, with the increasing price of the utility, one needs to see the best means and ways of proper utilization of resources and the ways to use LED Lighting Solutions.

To overcome such problems, Truelite offers the range of LED products for lighting applications in the Industrial Sector. With the help of advance technology and product developments we can offer low power consuming LED lights as closest replacement to the conventional lights being used at a much high power consumption in the Industrial sector.

For Industrial lighting requirements we can offer:

  1. LED High Bay Lights
  2. LED Flood Lights
  3. LED Street Lights
  4. LED Tunnel Lights

These lights do multiple usages and are included in the category of indoor and commercial applications.

The LED Residential Lights consume 60-75% less power than the conventional lights such as Incandescent and 40-60% less power than the CFL lamps. Even after using such less power consumption these lights are fully capable of providing same illumination as compared to the lights for which they are the most popular replacements.


Advantages of LED Lighting Basics & Facts Energy Saving Effects


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