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TRUELITE Offers the most advanced hybrid Solar Off Grid Home system to make your home a better place to live in. Truelite Solar Home is the result of a great and thorough Research and Development carried out in the region on various aspects of solar power generation, banking and distribution. Truelite combines the technology with our R&D to offer the best Home Power System in the market.

Objective of Truelite Solar Home

Truelite Solar home aiming at a complete Power Independence at your home with uninterrupted supply at a much lesser cost of power production. We say power Independence, we mean it as 90 percent of your Electricity requirements can be met by our Solar System gives you a higher return of investment and very low electricity Bills.

True Hybrid – Forget Power Failures

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Truelite Solar Home is designed as a True Hybrid Model with Built in MPPT Charge Controllers gives you an Uninterrupted Power Supply at home 24/7 and gives freedom from darkness. During the day, the system completely works on Solar and simultaneously charges the battery for your back up requirements. At times of power failure the system switches to the back supply mode and supports the power requirements through the stored power in the battery bank. This system works so smoothly that the power failures are unnoticeable.

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Simple Steps involved in choosing the perfect system for your home.

  •  Answer to the question, DO WE NEED SOLAR and HOW MUCH?
  • Conduct energy Audit
  • Identify  the Power consumption and number of  appliances that needs to be  powered on Solar (lights, fans, TV, Fridge etc)
  • Estimate the hours of operation. (Wh/Kwh)
  • The sum of all the identifications shall be your total load
  •  Identify the relevant system from our list which matches your requirement.
  • Here you go! You have selected  ready to use and easy to install Solar Solution for yourself.

Useful Tips:

A) Opt for Energy efficient Lighting  ( Example : Replacing your Incandescent or Fluorescent Lamps with LED lights will help you to cut down on your Load more than 50%)

B) Try considering only those appliances which are required for  daily use  and are a necessity.

C) Exclude heavy loads such as, Washing Machines, Iron, Oven, Washing Machine and Air Conditioner out of consideration while conducting the energy audit.

Truelite Solar Home

  • True Hybrid Systems
  • Recharges only on Solar Power in 6 hours.
  • Inbuilt MPPT Charge Controller
  • 4 to 8 Hours Battery Bank
  • Complete Recharge on Solar Power
  • LED System Indicator
  • Installation and Maintenance Support
  • International Warranty


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