With LED Lighting a house can be turned into a beautiful experience of HOME. Truelite LED products and solutions can change the entire way of living and lighting style. With LED Residential lighting solutions, Truelite can not only make your home a better and a lively place to live, but will also reduce your energy and power consumption.


Another advantage of our LED Residential lighting is that these are eco friendly and Green products as they do not consume any harmful chemicals such as Mercury or Lead in it.

The LED Residential Lights are designed keeping in mind the comfort and joyful experience of living and thus the latest and technologically advanced Heat Sinks are being used in our residential lighting solutions. Due to this the heat output from the light is negligible and this brings down the cost of Air Conditioning.

LED Residential solutions include:

  1. LED Bulbs
  2. LED Down Lights
  3. LED Spot Lights
  4. LED Strips
  5. LED Tubes
  6. LED Candle Lights
  7. Others

These lights do multiple usages and are included in the category of indoor and Residential applications.

The LED Residential Lights consume 60-75% less power than the conventional lights such as Incandescent and 40-60% less power than the CFL lamps. Even after using such less power consumption they are fully capable of providing same illumination as compared to the lights for which they are the most popular replacements.


Advantages of LED Lighting Basics & Facts Energy Saving Effects