Truelite offers a reliable and sustainable solution for the Bill Board Lights powered on solar energy. The idea behind this solution is to provide a clean and reliable energy source to a day to day as well a crucial lightings application.


With Solar powered LED Bill Board lights even the remote locations, where there is no power, once can illuminate these bill boards with the help of such solutions.

Few applications of the Bill Boards Lights are:

  1. Advertising
  2. LED Light Displays
  3. Information Display
  4. Message Board
  5. Sign Display
  6. Route Display


Advantages of such application:

  1. No need of utility
  2. No Fuel Requirement
  3. No need of Manual switch on/off
  4. Timer or Day Light sensing operations can be applied
  5. No need of maintenance
  6. No need of interconnecting with utility power source
  7. No need of wiring, trenching and cabling
  8. Long Life of Lights up to 50,000 hours


Offered Lights

  1. Solar LED 6W
  2. Solar LED 10W
  3. Solar LED 20W
  4. Solar LED 30W
  5. Solar LED 50W
  6. Solar LED 70W
  7. Solar LED 80W
  8. Solar LED 100W
  9. Solar LED 120W
  10. Solar LED 150W
  11. Solar LED 200W