Solar Security systems are one of the most popular systems used today. Since security is an important issue for any facility or area, one need to be sure of its operations 24/7.


To help a client have his Security solutions run as per his needs and requirements, we offer the solar security systems. Through our solar solutions we can help you power your SCADA systems, Normal Security Camera operations or even lighting solutions for the purpose of Security.


Few applications of the Solar Power Back Up are:

  1. Independent Source of Power and electricity
  2. No power failure
  3. Can be remotely accessed and monitored
  4. Power storage that can be used anytime
  5. Power Source at the time of Electricity Failure


Advantages of such application:

  1. No need of utility
  2. No Fuel Requirement
  3. Power storage that can be used at anytime
  4. Independent source of energy
  5. No need of maintenance
  6. No need of interconnecting with utility power source
  7. Easy to install and use
  8. Long Life of Lights up to 50,000 hours


Offered Solutions:

  1. Solar SCADA systems
  2. Security Camera Operations
  3. Fence Lighting
  4. Walkway Lighting
  5. Power Source to any critical Security solution
  6. Remote Power Source
  7. Instant Power Supply


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