Solar Telecom systems are the stand alone systems to support the Telecom power requirements and smooth operations of the BTUs, Microwaves and Repeaters at remote sites where there is a problem of availability, interrupted or unavailability of electricity. The other reason for installing these systems is to have an independent source of power to keep the equipments and systems running without any failure

Few applications of Solar at the Telecom are:

  1. Powering remote located Telecom tower
  2. Providing uninterrupted power to the BTUs
  3. Cooling down of the various component at these stations
  4. Source of power for monitoring and security systems


Advantages of such application:

  1. No need of utility
  2. No Fuel Requirement
  3. 24/7 power supply through independent source
  4. No need of maintenance
  5. No Noise as compared to Generator operations
  6. Can be remotely operated and monitored
  7. No need of wiring, trenching and cabling
  8. Long Life of Lights up to 20 years


Offered Solutions:

  1. Solar Telecom Solutions 275W
  2. Solar Telecom Solutions 350W
  3. Solar Telecom Solutions 500W
  4. Solar Telecom Solutions 750W
  5. Solar Telecom Solutions 1000W
  6. Solar Telecom Solutions 2000W
  7. Solar Telecom Solutions 3000W