Water is one of the most required and crucial source of survival, the basic idea of developing a solar water pump is to make the individual, households, commercial and industrial applications of water pumping fully independent and self sufficient. Solar operated water pumps can help develop a clean and reliable source of water for all the daily need of a living being.


Few Applications of the Solar Water Pumps are:

  1. Drinking Water Extraction
  2. Daily water needs application
  3. Tank Storage
  4. Deep borehole extraction and remote storage pumping
  5. Land and Farm Irrigations
  6. Round About and Garden irrigation


Advantages of such application:

  1. No need of utility
  2. No Fuel Requirements
  3. No need of Manual switch on/off
  4. Timer based or Manual operations options are available
  5. No need of maintenance
  6. No need of wiring, trenching and cabling
  7. Long lasting solution
  8. Low Recurrent Cost
  9. Can be installed very close to the actual application


Offered Solutions:

  1. House hold usage Pumps
  2. Agricultural water Distribution
  3. Agricultural water Treatment
  4. Pumps for Buildings
  5. Domestic Applications
  6. Industrial Water Treatment


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